Patisserie Valerie

On a weekend, when my husband and I don’t have any plans to visit family and friends, we like to potter about, just the two of us  Sometimes we will catch a train and go a bit further afield, or we may just go down in to our little village or walk on in to town. We like to look through shops, hold hands, people watch and chat. We will stop off somewhere for a coffee or lunch and enjoy just being together. Today was one of those days. 

We had walked on in to town and decided to call in at Patisserie Valerie. I knew of the Patisserie Valerie chain and had often looked in the window at the one in Leeds- the glazed fruit tarts and desserts always looked beautiful, like little pieces of art. We’ve never dined at the Leeds tearoom as it has always been busy. The floor space there does seem quite small.

Today we were in Bradford where the Patisserie Valerie is relatively new. Part of the new Broadway Mall. The tearoom here looks to be a lot bigger than the Leeds branch. The window was full of delicious little pastries, all different colours and fanciful flavors. Very traditional looking desserts and decor with a nice sleek, modern twist to the tearoom itself too.

We were greeted at the door and shown to a table, a lovely window seat. My husband chose a Hot Belgian Waffle with toffee sauce and ice cream and an English Breakfast Tea. I opted for a traditional Cream Tea.

The tea was loose leaf- it wasn’t too harsh or bitter like I find with some English Breakfast Teas. I really liked the flavor. A small selection of jams and marmalades was brought out to accompany my two reasonably sized scones, clotted cream and butter. I’m not used to getting butter with a Cream Tea, I prefer them with just jam and cream, as it should be. However, a lot of people do ask for butter when having a Cream Tea, so I assume it’s just to pre-empt that.


The scones were fruit sultana scones and still slightly warm to the touch when brought to the table. They were delicious! My husband had clearly enjoyed his waffle, as that had long gone and he was sat sipping his tea while I was still working on my scones. In the end, he helped me finish off half a scone. (He’s such a gentleman)

pat 2

The ambiance, staff and decor were all really nice and complimented the menu and quality of the food. We were both very glad we had called in and would definitely go again in the future.

Patisserie Valerie also offer take-away if you would like to take some pretty desserts home for a special occasion, or to impress a friend or buy someone a treat… or just to eat in-front of the telly watching a good film. 

Would recommend this establishment 

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx