‘When It Rains, Look For Rainbows- When It’s Dark, Look For Stars.’


Do you ever feel like you haven’t got everything together? What you did have together or what you thought was in place suddenly feels so very fragile…. The slightest wrong touch or daring to lose full concentration on it for just one second could damage your delicate world. You can feel it slipping through your fingers and there’s nothing you can do but watch. You try to patch it up and grasp on to things, flitting from one area to another, but the inevitable will always ultimately happen. It slips and falls piece by piece.

Sometimes you just have to let things go. Stand back and don’t try to catch it. Let everything fall where it may.

Once you’ve stepped back, you can see the bigger picture. See everything laid out in front of you altogether in one place. Take a deep breath and allow yourself time to pause. The pieces will still be where you left them, they aren’t going anywhere. There doesn’t always have to be that sense of urgency. Sometimes just sitting and letting yourself do nothing is the best plan of action.

Give yourself a break, a rest. It’s OK to let your guard down, it’s OK to not always have everything together…. People rarely do. Some people are just better actors and better at pretending they know exactly what they are doing, than others. 

When you’re ready, look upon everything with fresh eyes. Nothing is ever as bad as it seemed. With the frantic, tired, finding-it-impossible-to-juggle-everything head gone and the calmer, rested head in it’s place, you will be able to assess and rebuild. Stronger than before. Learning from previous experiences and mistakes and putting fool-proof plans of action in to place. And if, in time, life turns in to another uncontrollable plate-spinning act, it’s OK to let them fall. The next time you rebuild, it will be stronger yet again. And stronger and stronger…

Bad things happen, in some form or another, on a daily basis. You just have to keep faith, whether that’s in God, positive energies or the universe, that everything is going to be OK. It may not be apparent why something happens, but you need to trust that it’s for a reason. Our lives are directed and lead by certain events, ‘a path to follow’. Life is a gift to be experienced- full of experimenting, learning, evolving and most importantly, living.

Situations may initially seem sad or negative, but there will be some positive in there. You just need to look for it. It may take time for it to come to fruition, but it will. You learn what is important and you learn what you have to just let go of.

Some things will always turn out the way they turn out, regardless of what we do or say. Some people will always be awful and some situations will always turn out badly. What will be, really will be. Accepting that, and choosing to let those areas of your life go, gives you immense power and strength. You are in control. 

Although you cannot avoid certain happenings, you can choose how you will react to and deal with them. You can chose to see the positivity in the darkest of times. Look for what you can take from it, no matter how small. Every experience, every interaction is valuable in it’s own way. Concentrate on the positive. Really focus on it. And then just let the negative go. Life is full of things, people and experiences that you want to cherish and hold close and enjoy…your arms are full enough with the good times. Don’t bother trying to hold on to the negative as well.

So just take that leap of faith and embrace the fact that everything is going to be OK. Better than. It’s liberating and I guarantee you’ll feel better for it. ♥

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx