“Everyone Is Fighting A Battle You Know Absolutely Nothing About. Be Kind”


There is no uniformity in the human mind. No two people will think exactly the same or react exactly the same, in the exact same situation. We are unique, with different triggers, strengths and weaknesses. What one person will take in their stride would prove to be someone else’s breaking point- and vice versa.

Sometimes we gather strength from depths we never knew we had and overcome what we never thought we could. We surprise ourselves. Until we are in a particular situation ourselves, there’s no way of guessing how we would cope, manage or survive. So never judge someone else’s attempt at surviving. They have a completely different breaking point to your own and should not be compared against anyone. Have sympathy and be caring when necessary, but above all, have respect.

Someone opening up and being at their most vulnerable with you takes immense bravery and strength. Equally, be humbled. Trusting another soul and being trusted is a priceless bond.

Never patronise and brush other people’s emotions to one side, deeming their problems, ‘stupid’, ‘irrelevant’ or ‘unimportant’. Their issues are important to them and their reaction is appropriate to the stress they are feeling at that time. Don’t judge other people’s reactions. ‘Pull yourself together’ makes me cringe every time I hear someone say it. I find it incredibly ignorant and insensitive. For what someone may interpret as being lazy and selfish could quite easily be someone else trying their very best. It may have taken them every ounce of strength they have to get out of bed that day.

Being there, being patient and just listening could make all of the difference in the world to someone.

Be there. Be patient. Listen. ♥

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx