Skin Deep Beauty

As with everything today, most people have an opinion on plastic surgery and most people usually give it…

Over recent years, imagery of the ‘perfect’ physique has been splashed around every media outlet possible. Men and women have been told to strive for this ‘perfection’, at almost any cost. Most things go full circle and coming from the tail end of that there has been a massive surge on a more natural beauty. Embracing who we are and shunning surgery and ‘fakery’. One extreme to the other. No middle ground. Can’t it be a mixture of the two?

I’m not suggesting for one minute that people should subscribe to someone else’s idea of ‘the perfect body’ or to feel under any unnecessary pressure to change in any way shape or form. Far from it! I am a huge advocate of natural beauty, especially beauty from within. But what is wrong with body modifications if it makes you happy?

We have all quite often been guilty of jumping on the old band wagon and have slated a celebrity or two for work they have had done. We’ve all heard comments like, ‘They look ridiculous now…’ or, ‘They’ve gone too far!’ with regards to plastic surgery procedures. People saying said celebrities now look ridiculous or unattractive. So what? We, personally, might not find he or she attractive or perhaps may not have had such surgery ourselves- but do we find absolutely everyone, with or without surgery, physically attractive? No. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone thinks I’m pretty. Very few do. That’s absolutely fine! My husband does and that’s all that matters to me. So as long as these celebrities are happy, the people they surround themselves with are happy- what does it matter?

Everyone has a different idea of what is beautiful and what looks right. If we have the capability to change to make that idea a reality for ourselves, why not? We’re not hurting anyone else.

I’ve been in social situations where this conversation has cropped up….People have jumped in with their opinions, not realising I’ve had plastic surgery myself. I’m very open about it and am happy to talk about it. Those people have then quite often, frantically back tracked. I’m not entirely sure why- their opinion is just that. Theirs. They don’t have to agree with me as long as they respect I don’t have to agree with them either.

I had breast augmentation surgery in my mid twenties. I was extremely flat chested, I didn’t even fill an A cup properly. For my height and general build, I felt ill-proportioned and I was unhappy. I had always wanted a more ‘womanly’ figure and it was always one of those ‘one day’ thoughts…. then after my husband proposed to me and I started to think about getting married and how I wanted to look on our wedding day- I decided I was going to have the surgery.


My husband was very supportive- I know he loves me regardless of what I look like, what size or what shape I am, and he stressed that point avidly. But I wanted this for me and he understood. It had always been on my mental list of things I wanted to do, so with our wedding day on the horizon, it seemed like perfect timing.

We saved up and paid for the surgery privately. After all, it was purely aesthetic surgery, I didn’t actually need it, I just wanted it- so I, quite rightly, didn’t even consider going to my GP for a NHS referral.

Before surgery, my consultant advised that is may take a while for the implants to feel like my bosom and they could even seem quite alien until I adjusted… As soon as I woke up after surgery, those bad girls were MINE! 🙂 Lol. All bought, all paid for, all me! 


Body modification is not restricted to just plastic surgery. There’s tattoos, piercings… I would even suggest more intense exercise like weight lifting and body building is body modification. Hair cuts and colours maybe..? Why are some more socially acceptable than others? You probably think it is a large stretch from getting your ear lobes pierced to having a full tattoo sleeve to getting a face-lift! But is it? The principle behind them all is certainly the same.


As long as people don’t push their ideas on to others, let them get on with creating their own work of art to live in. Be your own kind of beautiful ♥

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx