Las Vegas

Las Vegas is our spiritual home. We belong here. I’m absolutely convinced we have lived here in a past life- every time we go, we feel like we’re going home. As soon as we set foot off that plane, it just feels right. ♥

Las Vegas was also the destination for my first ever foreign holiday. My husband had just moved in to my flat and we had been through some tough times. Us against the world. I had just finished a shift at a factory where I had picked up some work. It was hard, physical work and I was shattered. I was having a shower to wash away all of the sweat and the grime when my husband came in to the bathroom, all giddy and excited.

He kept asking me, ‘Where are you going to be on the 31st August?’ After a long shift, my patience was wearing thin and my brain couldn’t compute what he was saying. Wtf? He kept asking and I kept asking what the hell was he on about…!? Then he said, ‘You’ll be in Vegas, Baby!’ Whooooaaa! I was floored, I couldn’t take it in. I had never been on a plane before! I didn’t even have a passport!

He had only gone and scraped together every penny he had and used his savings to book us a week away to Las Vegas as a surprise  Bless him. He thought we needed a break from everything. I was overwhelmed at his thoughtfulness and generosity.


That was to be a once in a lifetime trip- we thought. We had an amazing time and genuinely did not want to leave. I could have sobbed on our last day. Infact, I think I did. So, quite inevitably, as soon as we got home, we marched straight round to the travel agents and booked for the following year! Our love affair with Las Vegas had well and truly begun. We’ve been a total of five times (so far) 2006, 2007, 2011 for our Honeymoon, 2013 for my husband’s 40th birthday and again in 2015. It just never gets old and no matter how long we make our trip, it’s never long enough. There’s so much to see and do. The weather is pretty much always great and we just know we are guaranteed a good time.

The main attraction in Vegas is Vegas itself. We spend hours, days, walking up and down The Strip. Walking miles and miles. Looking at the different hotels, buildings, statues, lights and neon signs. It’s larger than life and truly awesome. There’s all sorts of activities, shows and things to see and do in Vegas- the scale and variety is immense. 

We have been extremely lucky to have holidayed here on several different occasions and had the opportunity to see different things each time. Here is a (very) condensed list of our highlights and recommendations from our combined visits. There is honestly so much to see and do, I’ve really struggled to pick just a few of my favorite memories and places…


♠ Pilgrimage to the Las Vegas Sign. Just has to be done. We usually walk down to the sign a bit further on from Mandalay Bay. A great photo op for the unashamed tourist! 😉

Helicopter flight with champagne reception over The Strip at night. We did this on my husband’s 40th. It was a beautiful, magical experience. Thrilling.

♣ Trip to the Grand Canyon and Skywalk. Cannot even begin to express how breathtaking the Grand Canyon is. It almost doesn’t look real, like a painted mirage. Incredible. We spent the day at Grand Canyon West, but could have easily stayed longer. 

Going to the shows- one of our favorites is Pin Up at The Stratosphere with  Claire Sinclair. We’ve seen that a few times now, it’s great fun, lively and upbeat and Claire is just gorgeous. She does a meet and greet after the show and is such a lovely person. A real sweetheart.

Another favorite is Jubilee! Real old Vegas entertainment, Lots of sequins and sparkle. I was like a child in a sweet shop when we went to see it. A spectacular everywhere you looked.

♠ Watching the Bellagio fountains. A freebie and well worth making time for. Yes, it gets crowded and manic- but the footage of the fountains you see in films and on You Tube really doesn’t do it justice. Amazing, inspiring, moving, fun and beautiful all at the same time.

♥ Going ‘down town’ to Fremont Street. There’s the whole ‘Fremont Street Experience’ thing going on now, which is great, but I love it because this is where it all began really. Some of these are among some of the earliest hotels that are still around. They have some of the original neon signs up on display under the Fremont Street canopy. Vegas Vic, etc. History. I reveled in it. 

One of our must-dos while downtown is to call in at Mermaids casino, to the little food stand at the back and get some deep fried Oreos! Oh my goodness… These really are sugar coated dumplings of heaven ♥  


♣ The Mob Museum. This is actually the old Las Vegas courthouse where they held the court hearings from back in the day regarding the mob. My husband and I both loved this place, it had all sorts of interesting pieces and snippets of information. If you’re interested in the old Las Vegas, I would definitely recommend a visit here.

 The Neon Boneyard. I had wanted to go here for years and we finally made it in 2015! It did not disappoint. Love, love, love it! The restored neon signs from years gone by. The tour was really informative and the signs are just gorgeous.        


♠ Firing a machine gun! We first did this for the novelty of it. Living in Blighty, we don’t have such things, so we decided to give it a bash so we could cross it off our bucket list. The best fun EVER! We are totally hooked and have to make a point of going every holiday now. 

 Seeing Elvis! Got to be done. We usually book to see The Legends show, which has a different line up of ‘celebrities’ each time, but it always finishes with an Elvis. Dean Z is hands down the best Elvis we have ever seen. Such a great guy when we met him after the show too.  


♣ A new favorite of ours- going on The Highroller. We’ve been up the other attractions in Vegas- The Eiffel Tower, The Stratosphere..they were fun, but we’ve had no desire to do them twice. Highroller is different. Stunning views from the centre of The Strip- it’s on our list for next time for sure. Wonderful experience and we enjoyed every minute.


 …And all of the sun, fun, food and laughs…. far too many special memories to even begin to share. Cannot wait for our next trip to make even more.

Las Vegas will ALWAYS have an extra special place in my heart 

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx