Mermaid Tales

An introduction and welcome to Tanya Viala and her Mermaid Tales

I am extremely excited and feel very honored to announce a brand new chapter to, please welcome a very special lady who will be our resident guest blogger, Tanya Viala! ♥ Tanya will have her very own section, ‘Mermaid Tales’ where she will post her own thoughts and ponderings on absolutely anything she wishes. All Tanya. 

Tanya and I have known each other for a few years now, we clicked instantly and have been firm friends since day one. We often know what each other is feeling and feel confident that we can talk freely without fear of being judged or thought any differently of. Unconditional friendship and love.

British born and now living in Canada, Tanya is married to her best friend. She also considers her husband to be her ‘twin flame’ ♥ Both keen on fitness and clean living, Tanya and her husband can see the relevance of taking care of your body, mind and spiritual aspects in unity.

I think ‘Mermaid Tales’ will add a whole new dimension to as Tanya has a wealth of knowledge from her own life experiences, her work in the social services sector, her spiritual journey and with being a natural empath. ♥ I’m extremely excited to see what subjects she chooses to cover and her insights on life.

It is my hope that Tanya will be able to use her own section on as a platform to promote and share her written word more freely and easily. I hope it enables her to reach more people with her positive vibes and encouraging mindset ♥ And as Tanya herself quite rightly said, it’s another connection between the two of us, dear friends, ‘And when you connect with loved ones in the right ways, it opens up all of the best possibilities and love flows.



“My name is Tanya Viala and I’m a human being I have been asked to write some guest blogs for another wonderful human, Miss Kimmy Cupcake.


I am not a professional writer, trained psychiatrist or anything fancy but I love to write. I love to write and share my life experiences and hopefully help others along the way. Like most I have overcome varying levels of adversity and bad times in this world but the change happened when I decided to be happy no matter what. So here I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts and experiences.

I am not religious but I am spiritual

I am not selfish but I believe in putting yourself first

I am not obnoxious but I believe in self love

I am not a label but I am a human being

Thank you so much Miss Kimmy Cupcake for asking me to be a part of your amazing blog and allowing me to write some guest articles for you. I hope you enjoy what we write about and if you do, tell other wonderful humans.

Much love,

Kindness, love and honesty rules

Tanya Viala