Mercury In Retrograde Madness

By Tanya Viala

Over the last few weeks I’ve heard lots of people say, ‘Mercury is in retrograde’, ‘Can you feel the bad energy and moods? It’s because Mercury is in retrograde’, ‘Don’t make any moves Mercury is in retrograde’……

A lot of people have been acting very strange and I, myself can feel the intense energy but I have been able to feel this energy for a very long time. So I asked myself is Mercury in retrograde or is it another excuse for people to be rude? I am not a judgmental person, I am open minded and spiritual so with the help of a friend sending me links and google I did some research. So what is this Mercury in retrograde…… ?


According to one blog piece by Gala surviving Mercury in retrograde is like surviving an almost zombie apocalypse or perhaps a very hormonal pre-menstrual woman.

In a nutshell what is happening is that the other planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion retrograde motion. This period of time from 30th August until 22nd September 2016 is causing lots of crazy communication difficulties and many other delights such as arguments and confusion with bookings and contracts. I whole heartedly agree with all I’ve read about this crazy period. I’ve also been told that there is a full moon and new moon which always creates some intense energy also. However, with all this being said, ultimately we are in control of our emotions and what comes out of our mouth. This period does not take over you like mind control. It certainly doesn’t give you a free pass to be super mean because hey, Mercury is in retrograde.


Along with the negatives of this period also comes positives- such as this period should be used to finish of any unfinished projects, spiritual projects, journalling, writing and inner work along with over due tasks. This period can also reveal what is not working properly, and although it can contribute to lots of delays and frustrations, it can also reveal issues that are important to resolve, fix or address. This time can be used to reflect and to move back spiritually to see where we can grow. For me, personally, I’ve been feeling super detached from reality like the gap between myself and other people is getting wider by the minute, I feel like hibernating and not talking to anyone simply so I can make sense of this intense energy. Yet at the same time I can feel the power of this period and this same intense energy is propelling me to look closer at myself and to recognize and question myself.

I’ve been reading a wonderful book called, ‘Mans Search For Meaning’ by Victor E.Frankl. In this book he recalls his experiences of Auschwitz. What does this have to do with Mercury in retrograde..? Well, in this book he writes how the oppressed can easily become the oppressors and through their bad experiences they justify their bad behavior. Now I know the differences and I can see the situations as being very distinct but also there is similarities can be drawn. We all experience things in life and we all feel emotions from the universe and certain events, but does this excuse our bad manners and attitude towards each other? Victor spent years in a concentration camp and refused to let the experience break him and this saved his life. What you choose to do or say whether it be during this period or any other period can have a knock on affect of humongous proportions, so using Mercury retrograde as an excuse can’t take back hurtful words once they’ve been said. So yes, we can all feel it BUT tread with caution…….

Kindness, love and honesty rules

Tanya Viala