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Review of the Lindy Bop ‘Aime’ and ‘Rhonda’ dresses

When I started work at my current employment I needed to get some new dresses that would be my ‘work dresses’. Although I work in a D.I.Y. and trade store, I am based in the Kitchen and Bathroom department and am not provided with a uniform. My boss is lovely and was keen for me to be myself and keep my own style. He was happy for me to dress vintage and do my hair and make up as I wished.

When looking for my ‘uniform’, I had a few criteria in mind. Firstly, the dresses had to look nice and be something I would actually want to wear. Look smart for when I’m talking to customers. Be comfortable as I’ll be wearing them for long shifts and also be hard wearing and practical. I wanted to try and get something in similar colours to the uniform my colleagues wore too. Have a bit of unity. And finally, I didn’t really want to spend a fortune because at the end of the day, they are to wear for work- where I undertake a multitude of glamorous tasks like cleaning, general housekeeping and lugging stuff about!

After browsing all of the usual vintagey websites- I spied a couple of dresses by Lindy Bop on Amazon that fit the bill perfectly! The ‘Aime’ and the ‘Rhonda’ dresses.

The Rhonda dress is black, with a more fitted top and full circle skirt. It has a cute peter-pan collar, ruched cap sleeves and a run of five little buttons down the front at the top. It isn’t solid black, it has a small red polka dot print to the material and is made from two-way stretch Bengaline fabric which feels a bit thicker and is definitely robust.

Photo credit: Sandra Hampshire

The length is mid-calf which is perfect for work- hides my modesty when I have to climb a ladder to change P.O.S. or something! The material has a nice stretch to it, so it works with my body and is extremely comfortable. I’m really happy with the over all fit and style. My bust is well framed due to a couple of well placed darts in the pattern. The dress hugs the right areas and covers what I want covering. I think the general style and material flatters my figure.

The second dress I chose was the Aimee dress. This has a much bolder polka dot design- red background with white dots. I’ve been complimented many times wearing this at work- people have commented on how bright and cheery I look. The length of the dress is a litter shorter on me than the Rhonda dress, yet it’s still suitable for what I want it for. I don’t feel to be flashing anyone when I’m up a ladder or bending down to look at stock.

Again, the material had a stretch to it, so I’m really comfortable in it. It’s more lightweight material than the Rhonda, but it is far from flimsy. This dress has taken a lot of abuse and is still going strong.

Photo credit: Jabu Josephine Joy Phiri

This style of dress is more 1940’s land girl. It has cute little sleeves with a fancy neckline. It’s high-cut with pearl style buttons down the back of the neck. People have sometimes asked me if I’m wearing a scarf when I wear this dress because the neckline is a little more unusual. Like a knot. Very pretty.


The only slight downside to this dress does provide one of it’s positives- the skirt can sometimes get a bit clingy, but that same material provides the stretch that makes it so comfortable to wear. The skirt does hang really well too and looks lovely.

I usually pair the dresses up with a little cardigan to finish the outfit off. A black cardigan for the Aimee and a red for the Rhonda. A red rose in my hair and simple stud earrings.

I am really happy with these purchases- I’m not even sure if these particular Lindy Bop dresses are still available, I’ve had them so long. I can not stress enough how much these have been washed and worn and washed and worn… the colours haven’t faded and the dresses have held their shape. I’ve had them a good two years, I work five days a week and I wash them after each wear. You do the math! My hard wearing work dresses are a testament to the quality and value for money form Lindy Bop.

Would highly recommend 

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx