Christmas Ambassador

Everyone who knows me, knows I love Christmas. Although I appreciate each season and the different holidays throughout the year- Christmas is always burning in the embers of my heart. It takes my full concentration and unbelievable self control to keep it under wraps for the majority of the year as to not annoy people. Usually when it gets to September, I start to struggle, the excitement in my tummy goes up a notch. I like Halloween, but Christmas is building up inside of me, gathering momentum. As soon as Halloween has been, it’s full steam ahead for me- I can’t hold it back any longer!

I get why so many people aren’t as enthusiastic as myself about the festive season- for a whole host and variety of genuine reasons. The commercialism, the expense, the pressure, potential loneliness…. But I do think some people object just for something to say, to try and be controversial and some just enjoy the mock disgruntlement. The ‘Bah-Humbug’. People moaning about it being ‘too early’…. If someone books a holiday for the following year and talks about it and looks forward to it, no one bats an eyelid. If I said I couldn’t wait for Easter, nobody would really care. If someone mentions they are looking forward to Christmas, they are often met with groans and grumbles. We should live in the moment more, enjoy the here and now, which I believe I do. But there is nothing wrong with loving something and looking forward to it. Let people be happy and enthusiastic and talk about what they love.

Christmas is also what we make of it. If we are expecting it to be stressful, miserable and expensive- it will be. Your own attitude influences it from the outset. It’s on the same date every year, it’s no secret, you know when it’s coming- don’t leave everything to the last minute and stress yourself out. Budget throughout the year to take the pressure off yourself. Not everything needs to come out of that November pay packet. My husband and I have a little saying, ‘buy when you spy’. If we spot something we think someone we know would like, we get it and stash it away. By the time Christmas comes, we already have a tidy little hoard of goodies all good to go.

Christmas can sometimes snowball and it’s easy to put pressure on ourselves to buy for everyone. The bigger and more expensive the gift- the more we care, right? Wrong! We know deep down in our hearts that this isn’t true, so why do it to ourselves? I’ve been guilty of it myself many a time. Think of how you look at things- do you expect a gift from everyone? Do you want a gift from everyone? No. So chances are nobody else does either. Cut yourself some slack. You won’t be thought any less of for not remortgaging your home to buy presents for everyone you know. If we’re just buying for the sake of it, it loses it’s purpose too. It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just stuff. We give gifts to show those we love that we’re thinking of them, that we love them and we want to make them smile. A thank you, a gesture. That’s what they’re for. They don’t necessarily have to cost the earth. It really, really is the thought that counts. The consideration of it.

The best gifts of all are those that people have spent time on- researched or thought about, homemade gifts, sentimental presents. I absolutely treasure homemade gifts, although I am under no illusion that they can prove to be more expensive than shop-bought gifts. By the time materials and accessories are bought to make something- and then the actual man hours going into it too… It all mounts up. Someone really loves you if you are lucky enough to be the recipient of such things.

Presents don’t make Christmas. Don’t get me wrong- I love presents as much as the next person, but they aren’t everything. In years to come you’ll struggle to remember who bought you what and when. The odd gift will stand out in your mind, those special handmade and thoughtful ones, but lots will be difficult to place. That’s not to sound ungrateful, I’m always extremely touched when someone has gone to the effort to give me something- but it is true. You will, however, remember the occasion though. You’ll remember how pretty your tree looked with twinkling lights and glass baubles, you’ll remember the excitement of being together as a family. The nice meal, the morning after bubble and squeak, the silliness and laughter and the big blow out after a long year. Make that magical. Put your energies and effort into enjoying that, not busting a gut flying around busy shopping centres to buy tat.

‘Jesus Is The Reason For The Season’- whether you’re a Christian or not, I’m sure you can appreciate the sentiment behind Christmas. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I do believe in God, but am not overly religious. I am a Christian and I do think Christmas Day is important. If you’re not religious at all- Christmas is still important and symbolises a time of year when we should think of others before ourselves. We should love a little easier, make that gesture of kindness, take the opportunity to let people know we care. I love that. Should we be doing this throughout the year, without prompting, anyway? Absolutely! But what’s the issue with having a reason, a prompt, a special day dedicated to it? Just like Valentine’s Day – my husband and I don’t need a day to tell us to tell each other, ‘I Love You’ but I embrace every opportunity I can to do so, and so enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day. I try to be a good person all throughout the year- do nice things and little surprises for people to show I care, I appreciate them and/or am thinking of them. My husband and I give to charity regularly and try to be considerate and conscientious, but we still embrace the opportunity that Christmas gives us to carry on doing all of that.

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I love Christmas. I love the music, the films, the festive food, the magic in the air and going to visit Santa (yes- I still go and sit on his knee every year!) The anticipation of the special day. I love what I consider to be the true meaning of Christmas. I believe it brings out the best in me and showcases the type of person I try my hardest to be throughout the year. I can still remember when I was little and I would sit at the the foot of the Christmas tree- staring up at the angel on top. Gazing at the sparkly, bright decorations that adorned each branch, the shimmer of the tinsel and having the soft glow from the coloured fairy lights on my face. I was mesmerized with it’s beauty. I still get that same feeling in my tummy when I look up at my own tree now, I can’t describe it, but it makes me so happy. It is a special kind of magic. I am a true Christmas Ambassador.


However you decide to celebrate or spend Christmas this year, I do so hope it’s with a smile and a happy heart. Enjoy the little things, be grateful for what you have, give with love and not to receive and tell people you care about exactly that- You care about them and you’re life is richer for having them in it. Knowing that is the best gift of all.

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx