O Christmas Tree

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I’m slightly obsessed with our Christmas tree. As you may have read in Christmas Ambassador, it stirs up emotions of happiness and sheer joy that I’ve experienced every Christmas since childhood. It has nostalgia and magic and symbolises so much more than just ‘Christmas is here’.

At Wragg Manor, our tree is immensely important to us. We think it’s pretty, decorative and festive, but it’s also extremely personal. It’s style and decor is a reflection of us- traditional and a bit quirky 🙂 Every decoration is different and every decoration has special meaning.

Whenever we go away on one of our adventures, we try to find a decoration for our tree. A memento that will have special memories attached of wonderful times we’ve shared. We have gathered ornaments from around the globe, from holidays, day trips and visits to loved ones. My friends and family know how much I love Christmas and quite often I’m given decorations as gifts- If they spy one that they think I’ll like or has reference to a story or occasion that we’ve enjoyed together. We have handmade ornaments and ornaments that family have brought back from their holidays for us too. I’m a big fan of homemade because no two ornaments will ever be identical, I have something unique to treasure, but I also love the thought that someone has gone to so much time and effort for little ol’ me. The kindness and thoughtfulness is so touching. The decorations that are brought back and gifted to us from our family’s holidays are a great reminder that we have been on our family’s mind, remembered and loved, while they’ve been off enjoying themselves. That’s pretty awesome.


Another set of ornaments that adorn our tree is from a little tradition I have with my husband. Every year since we first got together, I have gifted my husband a ‘special’ decoration. It’s one of his presents every Christmas. I look everywhere to find ‘the one’, it has to speak to me. Sometimes it has a particular theme and sometimes it just looks pretty. This year my husband will find decoration number 13 under the tree to add to his collection.

Our angel at the top of the tree isn’t really an angel. She’s a Las Vegas showgirl in a festive get up, complete with a snowflake headpiece, feathers, jingle bells and sparkly bits! She’s ‘homemade’ (a barbie doll that I’ve personalised) and I think just finishes off our tree perfectly. Las Vegas is our favourite place on earth and has special meaning to us both, so it seems only fitting to have it represented at the top of our tree.

When we sit back and look at our tree, it fills us with the festive cheer, giddiness and happiness- everything that goes hand in hand with this wonderful time of year for us. But it also helps us reflect on the year we’ve just had, when we pick out our newer decorations and the stories attached to them. It tells a story of our life together- with all of the older decorations from previous years and the memories that they hold. And it reminds us of family and friends and how much we are loved by them.Looking at the tree gives us cause to pause and think about all of the good times we’ve had and how lucky we are. It’s a visual, cheery, round-up of our journey so far.


Yes, our tree is pretty damn special and is more than just a tree to us. It is the embodiment of love and what we consider to be the true meaning of Christmas. 

With much love and special Christmas kisses,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx