Merry Christmas 2016!

Christmas Day is upon us and I am beyond excited! Anticipation and sparkle fills the air ♥

 Mini Miss Kimmy Cupcake with my big brother

I’m lucky enough to experience more than just one Christmas per year- I had my first towards the beginning of December up in Scotland with my in-laws. I had Christmas number two when we went to visit my brother and his family, number three was a Christmassy evening with my aunty and uncle. Number four will be tomorrowDecember 25th with my parents and my sister, and then my husband and I will celebrate Christmas number five- ‘Our Special Christmas’, next week.

Every year my husband and I have a weekend, just the two of us, where we celebrate Christmas. Put our stockings out and have a Christmas meal, open presents from our friends, family that we are not with on the 25th and each other… the works. We’ve always called it Our Special Christmas. ♥

On the calendar, Christmas is the 25th December, but I’m not restricted by dates. Christmas is family, being with those you love and good times. It’s magic and excitement, silliness and laughter. Each and every occasion I’ve spent with family and friends has felt just as special as Christmas Day itself- and so they are. They -you- are what make Christmas magical, that’s why I know and love Christmas 365 days a year. ♥ So thank you.

However you spend the 25th December and whenever you celebrate Christmas, for whatever reasons, faiths or beliefs, I hope it is truly magical for you too. From our house to yours…. Merry Christmas!

With much love and special Christmas kisses,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx