Have A Little Gratitude

By Tanya Viala

When I was a kid I remember being told that, ‘There were starving kids in Africa’ if I didn’t eat all my food or perhaps that I was ‘an ungrateful sod’ if I acted in a certain way. I never truly grasped what that all meant until my adolescent and then I would challenge it with some back chatting and a big smile. Now as an adult I have realised that being grateful for what we have no matter how small can totally change a shitty day into a great one, it can make a bad situation feel not so bad. Being grateful for what we have right now enables us to receive more and really, if you’re not grateful for what you have right now what makes you think you’ll be happy with more?


I used to think I would be happy when I got those new shoes, or got that guy I liked or when I got a new hair cut… but these things are temporary and outside of us. When we try to look for things outside of us for happiness we are more prone to disappointment. The only person that can make you happy is you and nothing can give you true happiness.

After the Christmas period, when things get back to ‘normal’ and the bills roll in, we are often reminded about the expense of this period. We live in a materialistic and consumer society where people like to be like someone else and think that buying certain products will make them like that person or be as happy as the person selling it. All of this is false. Its all a huge illusion and distraction technique. Buying something creates temporary happiness and not true happiness. Feeling true gratitude does not come from a store, although we can be grateful that we have the money to buy what we need, but overall things will not fulfill you.


Any sense of true fulfillment comes from you. If you don’t like you or love yourself no thing or other person can do this for you. And the way to love yourself is by being grateful for how grateful you are, not what you own. Feeling grateful for what you are and what you have opens us up to so much more as the universe directly responds to what you focus your attention on.

So how did I realise all of this? By trial and error and the hard way. I always looked to others for my happiness and believe that things would make my happy. I watched films growing up like ‘Clueless’ where if you felt sad going shopping would cheer you up. I recall sitting on the side of the motorway after breaking down and feeling particularly sorry for myself. I suddenly realised how lucky I was that I could use the AA to rescue me. Even though it took me hours to get home I could get a hot drink and the AA man was so helpful and kind to me. This situation amongst many others made me realise that it’s not things that we should be grateful for to start with, but LOVE and people. When we choose to see the good in people and the good in the small things, the big things come easier.

When my last relationship ended, I felt I had nothing I would tell myself that I was broke, living out of bags with a broken car and sleeping on my Mum’s couch. But then I began to see that I had clothes on my back, a supportive family, a warm place to sleep, a car plus so many amazing people in my life who wanted to help me. This way of changing the way I saw things changed my world. From this point, I got a new little car, a little job and I continue to grow. This growth comes from feeling pure gratitude for what I have. It is easy to twist things to see the darkness but when you turn things towards the light, that is where we grow.



Choosing to be grateful for what you have now enables more to come to you. If you’re grateful for your health and stop focusing on what’s wrong- it can improve, if you stop focusing on what your partner doesn’t do and more of what they do- your relationship can improve, if you start showing gratitude to your body for all it does for you- it will continue to do more. Perhaps you hate your job but all the universe will hear is you talking about your job, the universe does not know if what you keep moaning about is what you want or don’t want. What ever is your dominant thought is, it will give you. When we are ungrateful we give out a negative vibration, so in turn will keep attracting more negative situations to us. So, if you start to look for things to be grateful for and speak with love this raises your vibration and attracts positive situations to you. There is truly always something to be grateful for, even in the darkest times, it can be that you have your life. From a point of gratitude, we attract high frequencies and wonderful things.



It’s not about what we can buy or what we own, it’s about our heart and how we feel when we have things. Going to bed each day with a grateful heart and waking up each day sets the tone for your sleep and your day. Focus on what you do have not what you think you don’t. We often feel so low that we think we have nothing or we can have days where things seem to keep going wrong but when we focus on the smallest things to be grateful for it begins to lift us up again. There is always something to be grateful for.

Love, Kindness and Honesty Rules,

Tanya Viala


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