Unicorns, Reincarnation and Lost Powers- The Magical Mystery Tour Of A Newbie* Meditating Mind

Recently I’ve been trying to make more considered choices with my life. Trying to work on myself for a better quality of life. Not being afraid to say, ‘No’ where necessary and indeed not being afraid to saying, ‘Yes!’ to to wonderful opportunities that I perhaps may usually shy away from…. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been doing my own little take meditating each day, to clear my mind and ask myself questions. Within this meditation I’ve also been letting my mind run free and think all sorts of random thoughts that, as an adult, we usually don’t even entertain- because they’re not serious, or relevant and just couldn’t possibly be real. Or can they?

I often talk to my dearest friend, Tanya Viala, about her spiritual journey. She tells me about things she’s tried, or interesting pieces she’s read. What I have been surprised at is the similarities between teachings she’s researched and what my husband and I have actually been doing for years, without really realising it or giving it a name. The law of attraction and manifesting for a couple of examples -my husband and I have been practising these in our own way for a very long time, thinking positively, trying to consciously put positive vibes out there, thinking of something we really want to do, or want to happen and talking about it, describing what it will be like, looking forward to it…

Even meditating itself- although I’ve been making a conscious effort in recent weeks, I have been doing my own form of it ever since I can remember. Neither my husband or myself drive, so we pretty much walk everywhere. I walk to and from work every day and in that half an hour to 40 mins, it’s pretty much me, myself and I. I run through my day in my head, think about things, what I maybe would have done differently. I embrace being outdoors and steadily unwind and clear my mind. It feels good and more often than not, when I get home I’m in a much better mood.

During my recent meditations, my mind wandered on to thinking about this. How we know to do things naturally, without even realising it. Like an instinct, an imprint already suggested to us. We all have natural instincts- babies know to suckle up to a mother’s breast for food. They instinctively kick their legs to strengthen muscles- they don’t realise that’s what it’s for, but they do it. Are my husband and I remembering a natural instinct that we should all be doing anyway, but with the busyness of modern life, most of us have forgotten and need to relearn?

I’m really intrigued with the notion that we are remembering something. I don’t have any answers to anything- I’m totally open to any ideas of reincarnation and higher beings, energy forces… I’m not saying it’s all so, but we can’t say with every certainty that it’s definitely not.

My Grandad always wanted to be a green grocer. He wanted to own his own little shop and sell fruit and veg. At one point he had four jobs and worked damn hard to achieve it ♥ He didn’t realise it at the time, but going backwards in the family tree, his Grandad- who he never met- was a green grocer too. My husband still has a box of his old toys from when he was a child, he used to play with his little farm animals and tractors- at that age being unaware that his ancestors were farmers. Are there some things that are just in our blood? We pick up resemblances and traits from our parents and grandparents… do we inherit more than just an eye colour?

Continuing with the ‘remembering’ theme, I am really interested in reincarnation and having lived before. You often hear stories about children remembering a past life and talking about things they couldn’t possibly have known about. Children are pure and innocent and are open to all sort of limitless possibilities. They are free to daydream and believe, imagination is encouraged and I often think they are more enlightened than adults because of it. As adults, we are always looking for the realistic answers to things, everything has to have a reason and be explained away. We live in fact and like stability. We dare not dream about the fanciful and if we do, we dare not voice it for fear of being ridiculed or branded an idiot. We are more conditioned, we tend to believe in what we can see in the here and now and have no time for nonsense and silliness. We believe in science and evidence.

During my meditations I’m not limiting my mind to think in the adult world- I let it wander and question everything I’ve taken as fact during my adult life, I dare to daydream and ask, ‘What if?’ It genuinely is liberating.


What if all of the fanciful things children chatter about are things they are just remembering? What if there is magic and secret doorways to other worlds? Scoff away… laugh and make your heart happy. But, what if? Even if we don’t believe, it’s a wonderful thought to have and treasure 

I recently went for a little walk around our local park with my husband, there they have a couple of little waterfalls. I posted a video to my Instagram account of one and shared that when I was a child I always had a feeling, an instinct, that waterfalls held some sort of magic- they were a veil into another world and held secrets I couldn’t possibly comprehend. A lot of people do actually believe that bodies of water hold a lot of energy and are a natural draw for supernatural activity. Was I remembering something similar as a child?


From thinking about reincarnation, I started thinking about spirits and souls… Now I am a big believer in ghosts. Always have been. Ghosts are just the inner person, the energy that lives inside our physical body. When our body of flesh and blood dies, it’s not implausible that the energy from within continues on. During my meditation, I was picturing us all as balls of light, living inside our physical heads. We are balls of light and energy, operating these weird machines of flesh. My friend Tanya shared an image on social media that tied in perfectly with my meditation thought process (unbeknownst to her at the time) It said that we don’t have a soul, we are a soul that temporarily lives inside a body.

All of these thoughts were whirling about in my head and all kept reconnecting to each other in different areas…. From the balls of light and reincarnation, I starting thinking again about the bizarre and magical things children often talk about. Mythical creatures and faraway places. Who says we are all reincarnated over and over again on this same planet, on this same plane? What if we are all part of something far, far bigger than we can ever imagine? What if we are souls all from a higher perspective, shared out between several worlds- worlds which do contain magic and mystery? Are children remembering something other worldly? A large leap, but hey, in my meditative mind, anything is possible….


I’ve always had an interest in history, I wouldn’t say I’m a buff on the subject, but I like watching documentaries about Egypt and Ancient Greece, etc.. I also like books about folklore, mythology and legends and have collected a few on my travels here and there. They fascinate me. All of the wonderful creatures and gods. I starting thinking about this in my meditation too. What if the people in these civilizations from thousands of years ago were all souls who were relatively new to this reincarnation lark? What if they were remembering something from a life that wasn’t so long ago to them? A life from one of these faraway places? They may not have recognised them as such, but their ideas and imagery that they wrote about and painted  stemmed from somewhere. As our souls have been reincarnated over thousands of years, the memories are lost. As we have evolved, discovered and had scientific breakthroughs as a species, all of our old memories become ridiculous and are forgotten. Just like a lot of things. At one time, if you didn’t know how to cook- you starved. Nowadays, unfortunately there are quite a few people who have never cooked a meal in their lives- it’s all ready meals or take aways. That’s just one instance, there’s hundreds of things our ancestors used to do on a daily basis that today we would consider to be ‘specialist’ because only a handful of people now have those skills and talents. Which brings me back to the beginning… is using our minds to meditate and manifest a forgotten skill?


Well, that was the magical mystery tour of my meditating mind! So a lot of my thought process is far-fetched. So??? It’s good to let go sometimes, don’t feel silly, no one can read your thoughts. It’s your own mind and is completely limitless, I think as adults we tend to forget that. We are so restricted by all that we have learned and accepted over the years, it’s hard to get past that. You should let your guard down with yourself and explore your thoughts- see what you come up with.


I really do feel it to be of benefit, adding that bit of childlike wonder to my mind again. It’s an escape from the grown-up things I have to think about all day long and it’s true what they say- a change is as good as a rest. Practise a bit of free-flowing thinking and embrace a bit of magic. Be a daydreamer. Anything really is possible.

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx

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