The Bonnit- Not Your Granny’s Bonnet!

Everyone who knows me, knows what I fan I am of rain-mates! I’ve been an advocate and keen wearer for a few years now. For one, I just think they look rather snappy! They have that vintage vibe, which I just adore. They are easy to slip into my handbag and carry about so I’m ever ready to protect my ‘do against the unpredictable British weather.  As anyone living in West Yorkshire- in Old Blighty generally- will know, a brolly just does not cut it against the wind and that sideways rain….!

I used to get my rain-mates from the supermarket. Most supermarkets and chemists generally hold a stock of the more ‘disposable’ kind. Really thin and usually made from pale blue or clear plastic. Not really fashion statements, but I liked them. That was what was available at the time. I then started to find a few more ‘jazzy’ styles online, much to my delight. But getting regular stockists was difficult and it became hit and miss as to whether I could actually get them or not. 

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m a bit of a technical dinosaur, so I was rather late to the whole Instagram party- but when I did arrive, I came wearing rain-mates! 😉 I posted a few pictures, the very lovely The Bonnit saw them and then got in touch! Rain-mate soulmates!


After trying a few of their bonnets, I was hooked. Big fan. The plastic that is used for the bonnet itself is thicker and not as flimsy as some rain-mates I’ve had previously. They feel to be more hard-wearing and not ‘single use’. When dried off and folded properly, they really do last and last. The hood is made up from two to three panels, following the contour of the head and providing a ‘peak’ at the front to shelter the eyes and protect those victory rolls! The construction of the panels also leaves plenty of room for your fancy up-dos, preventing them from getting squashed.

From the practicalities on to the aesthetics- each bonnet comes with a lovely pencil trim along all of the edges, defining the shape of the hood and making it look more stylized. These trims are available in different colours on selected bonnets too. The plastic of the actual bonnet is the real dandy part- the cute prints are just perfect! They really make a statement and are a far cry from the pale blue, plastic bag-esque supermarket rain-mates. The latest designs available are also in colour- with an adorable cherry print, anchor print and polka dots. -So you can match your bonnet to your outfit! 


I am extremely honored and very excited to have The Bonnet as a Miss Kimmy Cupcake sponsor. I asked the founder of the company to tell me a bit about her business and where the idea for The Bonnet came from….

“We’ve all experienced it.  You’ve gotten all dolled up for that night out on the town.  Spent countless hours and hard earned money to look your best only to be greeted by rain on your way out.  You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?  Umbrellas are bulky and do little to protect your hair from the elements.  As a former hairstylist I had the displeasure of sending clients, who’d just spent hours in my chair out into inclement weather using a plastic bag.  How tacky is that!?  I knew there had to be a better solution. 

While on vacation in Amsterdam on a damp summer day I saw two young girls wearing these cute, plastic rain hats – the type you’d think your grandmother wore.  Eureka!  The Bonnit was born. 
Now The Bonnit is taking the hair world by storm!! We are so excited that we are found in retailers and salons all over the world!!! It is the ideal solution for ladies on the go.  It’s also a great way for stylists and salon owners to show their clients they’re just as interested in protecting their investment as they are. 
If you’d like to learn more about The Bonnit, check out our site at or our Instagram feed at @thebonnit.  We’re constantly adding new styles and options for individuals and salons.  Check us frequently because we’re running weekly promos and love to share pics from our community adorning our product.”
If you haven’t already followed The Bonnit on Instagram and Facebook, please do! And if you are a lady who is stylish and always likes to be prepared, you can order your bonnet here.The Bonnit is a wonderful small business who is more than worthy of your love and support. Their products are quality and fairly priced. Would highly recommend. ♥
With much love,
Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx