The Yorkshire Soap Company

I love going to The Yorkshire Soap Company shop. Whenever my husband and I go in to Leeds, we always call in for a look around at the little pieces of soapy art (and I usually end up leaving with one too! 🙂 )


The shop is well presented with plain white walls and decorative pieces like chandeliers and an old fashioned apothecary counter, which give the space a touch of decadence. The staff are very welcoming and cheery and the overall feel is bright and airy. Pretty glass cake stands showcase the brightly coloured, delicate looking, beautifully scented soaps.

My favourites are the patisserie shaped soaps- thick wedges of soap ‘cake’ and perfectly decorated cupcakes Whenever we have a birthday to buy for, or we’re wanting to treat someone to something a little special, we call here to buy a soap. We don’t like to turn up to friend’s houses empty handed if we’ve been invited for tea or something, we like to take a small token- these soaps are perfect for that too. It makes for a more unusual gift, rather than buying flowers or chocolates and they are always beautifully gift wrapped in a pretty box with pink ribbon.


I nearly always make a bee-line for the Cherry Bakewell soap. It’s bright pink, with sparkly white frosting and finished off with a petite dried pink rose -and it smells just heavenly! But on this day I fancied a change and chose the Strawberries and Cream soap slice instead. When my husband and I first started courting, I always wore strawberry moisturiser and lip balm, so the scent made us reminisce of that. Happy memories. 


The smell of the soap is strong, yet not so over-powering that it becomes sickly. The scent is spot on too- it does actually smell of strawberries. The soap lathered well and felt lovely on my skin. Afterwards, my skin felt so nice and soft. I’ve had fancy scented soaps before that have smelled lovely, but unfortunately really irritated and dried out my skin after using. Not the case with this at all. Both the scent and the colour lasted well throughout usage of the soap- it didn’t fade at all. Again, I’ve used other soaps where the scent had gradually faded and the soap had become translucent, losing it’s colour entirely. The Yorkshire Soap Company soap didn’t disappoint- it remained bright and cheery and smelling wonderful right up until the end.

Would highly recommend. 

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx