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These are the fruits of all the bits and pieces that float about inside my head. I have all sorts rattling about in there!
I would say ‘Pieces’ are usually my more thought provoking posts- not always though, sometimes they’re just fluff. My perspective on life and issues that concern me. Just my personal ponderings- you don’t have to agree with me on everything, or anything at all for that matter, I just hope you enjoy the read!

Team Wragg Adventures

My husband and I live for our holidays. We love them. Our little break from normality where we can be together, forget about our worries and just focus on having fun and doing what we want. Enjoy some nice weather, see the sights and have an opportunity to experience new things.
We like to have holidays planned and on the horizon, so we have something to look forward to. The build up and excitement is all part of the fun for us.
Our holidays are not always expensive, sometimes we go for little weekends away and we have gone on a few European all-inclusive jaunts and loved every minute.
It is all about having a rest to recharge our batteries and being together. These are our Team Wragg Adventures.


These are my points of view, opinions and two-penneth worth on absolutely anything and everything!
Here I’ll be reviewing restaurants and tearooms to clothes, soaps, music and films… Whatever I come across and want to share with you.
I hope you’ll spy something of interest and find my recommendations of some use.

Cakey Goodness

This is a diary of my cakey goodness and tasty treats!
I’m not a professional baker or trained chef, I just enjoy baking goodies for my family and friends.
These are the recipes I’ve picked up along the way from school, people I’ve met, family, recipe books and some are my own creations too!
I hope you enjoy reading, baking and more importantly- tasting!

Mermaid Tales

Mermaid Tales is the work of our resident guest blogger, Tanya Viala.
Her own section where she publishes an article on a topic of her choosing, monthly.
Always fresh and always thought provoking, Tanya takes us through her journey of self learning and growth.
See ‘Mermaid Tales; An introduction and welcome to Tanya Viala and her Mermaid Tales’. For further information on Tanya Viala, visit her website

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Here is our little ‘meet and greet’ and very warm welcome to our sponsors! A chance for you to get to know them better and hopefully love them as much as I do
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The All Powerful You
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