The Bonnit- Not Your Granny’s Bonnet!

Everyone who knows me, knows what I fan I am of rain-mates! I’ve been an advocate and keen wearer for a few years now. For one, I just think they look rather snappy! They have that vintage vibe, which I just adore. They are easy to slip into my handbag and carry about so I’m ever ready to protect my ‘do against the unpredictable British weather.  As anyone living in West Yorkshire- in Old Blighty generally- will know, a brolly just does not cut it against the wind and that sideways rain….! Continue reading “The Bonnit- Not Your Granny’s Bonnet!”

Hattie Bee- Vintage Songstress Extraordinaire!

A great big welcome and hello to Miss Kimmy Cupcake’s newest sponsor- Hattie Bee! Hattie Bee is a vintage singer, vintage enthusiast, blogger, writer and full time student.(busy lady!) I’m extremely honored and excited to have Hattie Bee as one of my sponsors here at, but also lucky enough to have her as a friend too ♥ Please do read on to find out more about this talented, lovely lady in her first ever singing related interview………. Continue reading “Hattie Bee- Vintage Songstress Extraordinaire!”