YOLO. Oh No!

By Tanya Viala

YOLO. Oh No!!! Let me tell you who coined this phrase before anyone, my 86 year old Grandad- but he used real words. He told me not to live with regrets. His words have spurned me on to change my whole life and so began a journey of living through fear not letting fear stop me from becoming the person who I am today. Continue reading “YOLO. Oh No!”

Have A Little Gratitude

By Tanya Viala

When I was a kid I remember being told that, ‘There were starving kids in Africa’ if I didn’t eat all my food or perhaps that I was ‘an ungrateful sod’ if I acted in a certain way. I never truly grasped what that all meant until my adolescent and then I would challenge it with some back chatting and a big smile. Now as an adult I have realised that being grateful for what we have no matter how small can totally change a shitty day into a great one, it can make a bad situation feel not so bad. Being grateful for what we have right now enables us to receive more and really, if you’re not grateful for what you have right now what makes you think you’ll be happy with more? Continue reading “Have A Little Gratitude”

Mercury In Retrograde Madness

By Tanya Viala

Over the last few weeks I’ve heard lots of people say, ‘Mercury is in retrograde’, ‘Can you feel the bad energy and moods? It’s because Mercury is in retrograde’, ‘Don’t make any moves Mercury is in retrograde’…… Continue reading “Mercury In Retrograde Madness”

Mermaid Tales

An introduction and welcome to Tanya Viala and her Mermaid Tales

I am extremely excited and feel very honored to announce a brand new chapter to http://www.misskimmycupcake.com, please welcome a very special lady who will be our resident guest blogger, Tanya Viala! ♥ Tanya will have her very own section, ‘Mermaid Tales’ where she will post her own thoughts and ponderings on absolutely anything she wishes. All Tanya.  Continue reading “Mermaid Tales”