The Freedom Of Speech And The Power Of Silence

Most of us are extremely fortunate in this life, we have the capability and freedom to voice our opinions and say what we think- we have the freedom of speech. This is so important on so many levels, the young should be cultivated and nurtured with this instilled into them so that they are not afraid to speak up on topics of importance or injustices in the future. However, just because we have freedom of speech, is it always appropriate to use it? Continue reading “The Freedom Of Speech And The Power Of Silence”

Unicorns, Reincarnation and Lost Powers- The Magical Mystery Tour Of A Newbie* Meditating Mind

Recently I’ve been trying to make more considered choices with my life. Trying to work on myself for a better quality of life. Not being afraid to say, ‘No’ where necessary and indeed not being afraid to saying, ‘Yes!’ to to wonderful opportunities that I perhaps may usually shy away from…. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been doing my own little take meditating each day, to clear my mind and ask myself questions. Within this meditation I’ve also been letting my mind run free and think all sorts of random thoughts that, as an adult, we usually don’t even entertain- because they’re not serious, or relevant and just couldn’t possibly be real. Or can they? Continue reading “Unicorns, Reincarnation and Lost Powers- The Magical Mystery Tour Of A Newbie* Meditating Mind”

Set Yourself Free, Let Go and Put Yourself First

As I mentioned in my year round up, ‘Miss Kimmy Cupcake’s Annual Review and New Year Message’, 2016 helped me realise that I can not continue with the same momentum as I had been going at. I was rushing around, trying to accommodate everyone and everything. Putting other people first, putting pressure on myself and often leaving little to no time for myself or any quality time with my husband. Continue reading “Set Yourself Free, Let Go and Put Yourself First”

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

So lately I’ve been feeling a little lost. I have a loving husband who I truly believe is my soul mate, we have our own little house and we both have full-time jobs. Money is tight, but we make the most of things and save hard so we can enjoy little treats and holidays each year. A lot to be grateful and thankful for, which I am. I really, really am. I always try my best to look on the bright side of life and yet I’ve got a little niggle inside that I just can’t shake. Continue reading “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”

Miss Kimmy Cupcake’s Annual Review and New Year Message

Farewell 2016, Hello 2017

2016 is sailing out of our lives as 2017 is ready and waiting to make an appearance. Out with the old and in with the new. A brand spanking new entire year at our feet and ready to be shaped however we wish. A whole host of marvelous opportunities and adventures just waiting to be had. How exciting! Continue reading “Miss Kimmy Cupcake’s Annual Review and New Year Message”

O Christmas Tree

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I’m slightly obsessed with our Christmas tree. As you may have read in Christmas Ambassador, it stirs up emotions of happiness and sheer joy that I’ve experienced every Christmas since childhood. It has nostalgia and magic and symbolises so much more than just ‘Christmas is here’. Continue reading “O Christmas Tree”

Christmas Ambassador

Everyone who knows me, knows I love Christmas. Although I appreciate each season and the different holidays throughout the year- Christmas is always burning in the embers of my heart. It takes my full concentration and unbelievable self control to keep it under wraps for the majority of the year as to not annoy people. Usually when it gets to September, I start to struggle, the excitement in my tummy goes up a notch. I like Halloween, but Christmas is building up inside of me, gathering momentum. As soon as Halloween has been, it’s full steam ahead for me- I can’t hold it back any longer! Continue reading “Christmas Ambassador”

Don’t Pity Me

I’ve thought long and hard about writing this piece. I’ve been in two minds whether to ‘go there’ or not.. It’s a subject I’m not entirely comfortable talking about, I wasn’t sure how to approach it and I’ve already experienced the type of response that really annoys me first hand, ‘in real life’ and I didn’t want to open myself up to that again. So I’ve been torn. Continue reading “Don’t Pity Me”

Full Circle In Skirts, And In Life!

The journey of my love of vintage!

My love of past eras first captured my imagination when I was a very little girl, although I obviously didn’t realise to what extent at the time. I used to watch ‘Bewitched’ on the television at a very early age- it’s one of my earliest memories. I was captivated by the beautiful Samantha- her perfect hair and pretty dresses and the general bright colours of the show itself. I loved it. Continue reading “Full Circle In Skirts, And In Life!”