The Bonnit- Not Your Granny’s Bonnet!

Everyone who knows me, knows what I fan I am of rain-mates! I’ve been an advocate and keen wearer for a few years now. For one, I just think they look rather snappy! They have that vintage vibe, which I just adore. They are easy to slip into my handbag and carry about so I’m ever ready to protect my ‘do against the unpredictable British weather.  As anyone living in West Yorkshire- in Old Blighty generally- will know, a brolly just does not cut it against the wind and that sideways rain….! Continue reading “The Bonnit- Not Your Granny’s Bonnet!”

We Love To Jive!

So, rather excitingly, my husband and I have taken up jive dance lessons! I did learn how to jive a few years ago, but went with a female friend and I ended up learning the male steps. I did the eight week beginners class and then the eight week intermediate course too. As with everything, without keeping up to it, I’ve long since forgotten most of the moves. I taught my husband the basic footwork and when we’ve been to dances/ vintage evenings, we’ve had a bit of a shuffle about the dance floor. But that’s about it. Continue reading “We Love To Jive!”

The Flower Pot Coffee Shop

My husband and I first went to our local garden centre at Christmastime a few years back. With my festive obsession, I just love looking around garden centres at Christmas, admiring the tree decorations and light displays. It just fills my soul with pure joy. After that we would pop in maybe once or twice throughout the year to browse the flowers. We had noticed there was a cafe on the premises, but never ventured in. I’m not sure when we first called in, I think it was just for a coffee and a cheeky cakey after being out and about one day. Thank goodness we did, because since then I would safely say we are regulars! Continue reading “The Flower Pot Coffee Shop”

My Work Dresses

Review of the Lindy Bop ‘Aime’ and ‘Rhonda’ dresses

When I started work at my current employment I needed to get some new dresses that would be my ‘work dresses’. Although I work in a D.I.Y. and trade store, I am based in the Kitchen and Bathroom department and am not provided with a uniform. My boss is lovely and was keen for me to be myself and keep my own style. He was happy for me to dress vintage and do my hair and make up as I wished. Continue reading “My Work Dresses”

The Beauty Bank

I recently treated myself to a lovely day of relaxation at my local beauty parlor. This is my ‘go-to’ place for hair, waxing, facials and pre-holidaying sunbeds.

I always enjoy seeing the ladies here, it’s not just that the products and results are fabulous- it is the fact that the ladies themselves are lovely and offer a personal service that can often be forgotten about at other establishments nowadays. I wanted to share a little bit about The Beauty Bank and my splendid day of relaxation. Continue reading “The Beauty Bank”

Patisserie Valerie

On a weekend, when my husband and I don’t have any plans to visit family and friends, we like to potter about, just the two of us  Sometimes we will catch a train and go a bit further afield, or we may just go down in to our little village or walk on in to town. We like to look through shops, hold hands, people watch and chat. We will stop off somewhere for a coffee or lunch and enjoy just being together. Today was one of those days.  Continue reading “Patisserie Valerie”