Introducing my own little version of the ‘paying it forward’ scheme! As you may have read in, A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down and a few of my other blog pieces, I am a big fan of spreading the love, trying to stay positive & bright and giving a little happiness where possible. This can be a mixture of giving away a smile more easily, passing the time of day with someone, giving a compliment, surprises and little treats…. Not everything of value has a price tag!

When I started writing my blog and people occasionally got in touch after reading a piece to let me know how much they enjoyed it, or how it resonated with them, I was over the moon! I still am. Firstly I was thrilled to bits that someone out there had read what I and to offer and found it of value, but for them to actually go to the effort of commenting or messaging was just wonderful.

I then thought about all of the people who inspire me or brighten my day on a daily basis. Family, friends, personalities, people online… I thought about how happy I was to be told when someone liked what I did and how I should be letting others know they inspire me too. How much I enjoy their posts, pictures, when they do something I like or if I hold them in high regard and admire their work. We’re all just humans and all deserve a bit of love. It’s nice to be nice. I then started making a conscious effort to try and let people know how smashing they are. Commenting on posts, leaving little notes, verbally, private messaging. Giving love freely with good intentions.

I’m also a big believer in karma. Treat others as you wish to be treated and project love out there. I do always try my very best to do this- now, I am only human and am first to hold my hands up and say sometimes I royally fail! But at least I check myself and try. I remember watching a film when I was little- the name escapes me now. But there was a part where a guy passed on a little token after doing a good deed. He said do a good deed then pass the token on to the person you’ve helped and ask them to do the same. That way, a good deed will always be being done, somewhere. Now, the film and what it was about- everything, I have long since forgotten, but that always stayed with me. I loved that idea. A chain of love and positiveness….. Hence my Miss Kimmy Cupcake’s ‘Karma Cupcakes!’


How it works

Well, I’m sure most of you already do let people know when they are appreciated or if you think they’re pretty darn dandy.  If you feel a bit self conscious about doing so, start small. Smile at a stranger, tell your nearest and dearest and then expand. You know it all comes from a good place, it’s up to the other person how they receive it. I’m proposing to give YOU a little surprise to kick start off your own little chain of love and happiness. Just a little catalyst because hey, let’s face it, you’re pretty damn lovely and deserve it. If you’re local to me, I may bring you actual cupcakes… a bit further afield, you will receive a little dandy something in the post (Alas, the cupcakes would not survive the post!)- This may be anything at all- a postcard, sweeties, tat, photo- and hopefully will just brighten your day. This is FREE, I’m not after any cash for this. To participate you do need to subscribe to and all I ask is that you actually DO do something for someone else to make them smile. For example, I may give you a cupcake, you then give a compliment, do a good turn, give a little pep talk to someone who needs to hear it or send a flower to someone else… whatever you like! People tend to follow by example, if something nice happens to them, they are more likely to do something kind following on from that. Depending on what you do, you may wish to actively ask the person to continue on with the kindness chain, or you may decide to let them carry on their merry way and be content in the knowledge you have done a lovely thing. Entirely up to you! There is no time limit as to when you need to pay it forward by. Work on your own timescale. It’s down to your own conscience what you do too- no one will be checking up on you!

If you would like to get in touch and tell me about your good deeds and stories of love and kindness continuing on from my ‘Karma Cupcake’ it would be very much appreciated! (But not essential) You could message me, post it on my Miss Kimmy Cupcake Facebook page or tag me in your Instagram photo… You could even write a blog piece if you like, tell others about your ‘Karma Cupcake’ experience, what you received, what you did following on from that and how it made you feel. Send it to me and you could be featured in the guest bloggers section of, ‘The All Powerful You’ too! Let’s just spread a bit of love and happiness!

How to Participate

Sign up and subscribe to via the link at the bottom of each page on the website. Then, email me at with your name and address. That’s it!

With much love,

Miss Kimmy Cupcake xx