This is a photo shoot I did on my 30th birthday- the little trip, a hotel stay and the shoot package was all a gift from my lovely husband to celebrate my milestone birthday ♥ 

The session was with the lady who had done our engagement photo and wedding photos, Jules Fortune. She was such a lovely lady and we were so thrilled with our wedding photos, that my husband contacted her first to do a birthday shoot for me.

We were not disappointed! Not only was the day itself great fun, but the aftercare and communication was great, and the photos themselves were beautiful. When the finished photo album arrived in the post, (which was part of my package) it was like my birthday all over again. The album was was wrapped up like a present with tissue paper and ribbon and presented in a lovely little keepsake box. 

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This second photo shoot is five years on- my 35th birthday present from my lovely husband ♥ The shoot was at Andrew Wood Photography in Manchester and my husband purchased the photos and copyright for 

I’m older and curvier in this newest set of photos, but I’m still extremely proud of them. Every day I try my best to embrace my body for how it is and not for how it was. (See My Weighty Issue.)  I hope you like them too. ♥

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