Are you maybe interested in becoming a Miss Kimmy Cupcake sponsor and want more information…? Here it is…
 Who can apply?
Any business really- get in touch to discuss! You just need to be a company or person I am comfortable with ‘recommending’ and promoting. You sell a product or provide a service that I like and believe in. Small business, artist, singer, blogger promoting your page- Don’t be shy! I am open to any suggestions.
What does it entail?
Well, I do a dandy little hurrah and welcome post on my social media accounts, I like and share your posts when and where I can. I put your logo and business name at the bottom of EACH page in my ‘sponsors’ section on my website which, once clicked by a reader, will go directly to your website or social media page (whichever you prefer). You will also be featured in my ‘Meet Our Lovely Sponsors!’ blog category, where I will write a piece dedicated to you and your business- a history of how you got started, why you got started, your ethos, contact information, etc… and a review (where applicable). You are also welcomed to post on my Facebook page with any upcoming events, promotions and general news you would like to share. Just advertising and spreading the love where I can!
What do I need from you?

Sharing the love really, not much! There is no fee involved. Read my blog, subscribe, like my posts and maybe the occasional cheeky share and repost too! By sponsoring www.misskimmycupcake.com, Miss Kimmy Cupcake is also sponsoring you!

*As all I do ask for is mutual love and respect from my sponsors, if at any point it becomes apparent that they don’t have my best interests at heart, don’t bother sharing the love, or post anything I feel uncomfortable with, they will be removed automatically*